Episode #4: Be Present with Dr. Jennifer Markham & Sayler Shiningstar

Spring Equinox

Join Dr. Jennifer Markham and Sayler Shiningstar this Spring Equinox for a gentle dive into Being Present, within your own body and being, and remembering the reflection:

As above, so below
As within, so without
Breathe and Be



Welcome to Your Quantum Embodiment.

I am Dr. Jennifer Markham and together with Sayler Shiningstar we host these conversations.  Together, inspired by knowing that 'Everything Is Energy' we share our personal and professional experiences with quantum embodiment, healing, thriving and creating, while being with others and Source.  Through Resonance we welcome other doctors, authors, energy healers, teachers, artists, and creators in joining us in expansive embodiment  conversations, dancing within quantum reality and our connection with the Divine.

May you gain insight, confirmation, revelation, empowerment, and inspiration through this podcast.  May it support you in body, mind, spirit, and heart wherever you are on your journey.  Be Here Now.


I am a naturopathic doctor, teacher, artist, writer, and Author of Be In Tune, Chapter 4, within the anthology Sacred Connection: Finding Our Path to Deeper Connection with Self and the Divine.

Order  "Sacred Connection" Dr. Markham's co-created anthology and receive a uniquely specialized copy from Dr. Markham here

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Sayler Shiningstar is an energy whisperer, sexual healer, previous host of Orgasmic Embodiment, a radio/tv show which was birthed out of her body’s desire to bring about greater awareness of, for, and with bodies, what bodies desire and how a turned-on, orgasmic body is the prima materia of creation…quintessential!

Sayler is a mother, daughter, friend, lover, nature and animal lover and steward. She is an Embodiment Consultant, Shamanist, Happy Mouth Energetic Dentistry, Akashic Records Consultant, Reiki Master, Rebirther, Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher, and Co-creator of Infinite Possibilities with Horses, and has been affiliated with Access Consciousness Bars, Body Processes, Energetic Facelift, and hosted Facilitators across the mainland.

Contact Sayler Shiningstar:
Email at SaylerShiningstar@proton.me 
Direct Message on Telegram @saylershiningstar5530

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